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HFC - 1606
Far Eastern Federal University / ru Russian Federation
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Dmitry Sheshko

The proposed project of a two-storey individual residential building has a shape of ¼ dome. It has a built-up area of 51.7 m2, a total area of 50.7 m2, a living area of 23,1 m2. Height of the 1st floor is 3000 mm, Height of the 2nd floor is 3000mm. The house is designed for a permanent living of a family of three. Because of its shape, it can be put on a separate site. Such houses can be combined in few ways: 2 houses or several in a row. It gives an advantage in space planning of streets or villages consisted of them.
Wood was chosen for a framework structure, because coniferous and deciduous forests are widely grown in this region (Primorsky Kray, Russian Federation). Consequently, price of the house was lowered as compared to the metal and concrete. Besides, housing made of wood is more humanistic and eco-friendly.
Hardness of the framework is provided by two frame wall panels (installed at 90° angle). There is an arranged power column, on which spherical semi-arches lie.
The house is designed for the harsh conditions of Siberia and the Far East. Temperature fluctuations are from 35 to -40ºC during the year. All exterior walls, 1st and 2nd floor plates have a layer of insulation (150 mm) of basalt fiber, produced in Khabarovsk.

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