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Fisherman Colony-HFC1648

HFC - 1648
Brawijaya University / id Indonesia
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Our concept for 'House of change' is revitalization fishing villages along the river banger located at semarang Indonesia, Indonesia is known as the largest archipelagic country in the world that has as many as 17,508 islands and a coastline of 81,000 kilometers, the sea area measuring 5 , 8 million square kilometers, or more than 70 percent of the whole vast territory of Indonesia. Certainly with abundant natural resources it is a blessing for the people of Indonesia, especially the fishermen in the coastal areas, but ironically the wealth of maritime country is not perceived by the fishermen.

Shackles of poverty in the country maritime fishing has been going on across generations and seemingly never stopped along with the times, even income Indonesian fishermen are under the poverty line set by the World Bank Rp520.000 per month. In fact, the government through the Ministry, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) has prepared a program to improve the lives of the fishermen of coastal communities to overcome poverty spread 10,640 villages in Indonesia, with a budget allocation amounting to Rp127, 823 billion in 2011 and in 2012 increased to Rp1, 17 trillion .

Fishermen can only hope the ocean still alive give hope to those who live on the coast, so that they can be more prosperous life. Project located at tambaklorok ,Semarang the capital city of center java , Indonesia. This area called ‘minapolitan’ the area which used to processing fish. This area is important because its producer fish for central java, but the fishermen condition mostly poor, and unnoticed from government, so this project proposed to revitalization tambaklorok area to make area more independent and don’t have impression of slum. Fisherman Colony come to solve the problems by connecting fellow, based of social parcipatory to overcome slums and reclaim viable live.

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