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Universidad de las palmas de Gran Canaria / es Spain
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Maria Dolores Mazorra

The proposed design solution goes together a business plan. In order to tackle this project, I tried to find an object that can be adapted to local conditions - climate - culture - lifestyle - building materials, together with other factors. At the same time, a design that can be able to spare costs by drawing on natural energy like the sun, the rain and the wind, a design that can allow for harvesting of gardens, a design capable to encourage communication of the people, leading to a meeting space or play, a design be able to encouraging the creation of business, and a design with the ability to influence a different style of life, and allowing the ability to grow sustainably.
Under these conditions and with the need to create a community, I proposed to use a rectangular shape with three levels with a “V”-shaped roof. This shape derives from the need to create a community feel, the ease to replicate this shape cost-effectively, and its ability to always have two facades outwards (enhance natural light, ventilation and communication).
The " V " form of the roof is for cover the maximum of the use of solar and rainwater collection, the slope depends on the location as well as materials.
The three levels are defined by: the level of street, this creates the business and social factor (two confronted cubes and that opening to the outside); in the intermediate level, the life factor, in an open floor plan (only one restriction: the placement of the shops and businesses that cover a single, first floor of the rectangle) with two open facades that create the entry on one side and to the other side the vegetable garden and vegetable facade (this vegetable facade functions also for the sunscreen in summer); and on the third and top level, we have the sustainable storage place, where solar energy and rainwater can be stored for use in the garden and for possible expansion of the property.

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