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Íñigo Clemente Arnáiz

Accra´s beach, situated at the east of Guineas Gulf, is an industry affected by globalization and its dissemination in the city. Urbanism has not arrived yet and the law come from customs legislation or by architectural fashion models rather than the bad use of "new techniques” in construction.

Otherwise, the interpretation of the Anthropology of the place allows the development of the habitat in relation with the landscape linked as the place of excellence, thanked to its proximity to the sea and weather conditions, that help the daily activity and to maintain the pulse of the city.

The project is based on a series of decisions made after studying, learning and personal understanding of the environment and the place where we will act. We develop a plan as a process whose conservation principle of architecture through embedded within the Ghanaian society elements, providing value for the old and forgotten items, while obsolete, to facilitate the reintegration of these the same day of the inhabitants. We aim to recover the tradition of the place, both constructive and cultural, urban and fishery items, generating an apartment building with 0 emissions, avoiding materials that have characterized the development of countries in Europe and America, like concrete, brick, etc...Generating a series of trades and crafts that can be exploit by the same Ghanaians, promoting social integration of indigenous values and self-help.

The idea behind the project is to take advantage of unused materials within the city to manage its reuse aware of the importance of the subject, reflecting the value of history and the elements that have shaped the daily lives of the citizens of Accra. Thus, managing an item as the ship's hull, restore it and give it a constructive use, this will help to promote responsible consumption of materials, and take the opportunity to reorganize the beach and the city, because an element also generates landscape, when the beach is clean and conserve natural spaces they have.

This diagram follows our project strategy: make people aware of what they have forgotten to value items through reuse and provide a new and lasting use. This triggers when the city would be more orderly and areas and spaces that are now silted and neglected due to accumulation of wood, unused helmets and other things giving these areas the landscape condition, intrinsic in place that would take advantage and overall enjoyment.

The project itself would consist of a range of homes where people have the freedom to build their own following our Project, that could be defined as a "seed project", with the intention that after we build a series of homes, people see it for the low cost more than the effort of labor, creating an opportunity to build more homes and even a market, giving rise to a landscape composition.

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