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Raul Martinez

The world´s population is increasing at giant steps, affecting most of the cities, not just economically but also in housing, quality of living, and how to live in society; becoming the most critical aspects from now on.
People are getting out of the “system” because of poverty. In an urgent search for shelter and a desire of returning to the “system”, people appropriate inhabited private or rural territory turning them into informal settlements “slums” normally localized in the periphery of an urbanized area.
The building industry is rapidly increasing since the industrial revolution. At present, as we know, new corporate buildings, banks, museums, theaters, fabrics, are been built. The Bilbao effect is getting quite popular in the entire world, but the crisis is affecting a lot of cities in the globe, letting empty buildings with no use at all.
Countries in Europe as Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, England, France, and in Latin America, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela are having a new revolution in terms of informal settlements by occupying empty buildings, either private or public.
This vacuum represents an opportunity of returning to the CITY, back to a normal lifestyle. A great example has taken place in Venezuela, where people occupied an entire abandoned 45-storey office building in the center of the Capital. David Tower is the name of the building one of the tallest buildings in Latin America, and the tallest slum in the world.
THE DAVID TOWER EFFECT is the next popular movement in informal settlements.

The tendency of the majority of the population used to be to try to establish in rural settlements, then with the many breakthrough events in history this tendency evolved and cities appear and began to gain major importance. As time went by the cities grew more and more, and people started to get left out of them because of poverty and structural limitations.
The slums are the result of this, and when a building in the city is abandoned seems like the perfect opportunity to let people return and be a part of the city again.

The project that needs to be done to make this transition in an optimal way, has to be made keeping in mind this new type of settlement, prepare the vacuum of abandoned buildings and make it the new home for those who need it. A house that helps people live their lifes properly within an environment where their basic needs are fulfilled.
This new home will be made of plywood, a material that is becoming popular in the building industry around the globe. And is a new tendency in Venezuela as well.
The module allows dwellers to expand, modify, and recycling, and reinstall it in a different place, without losing their investment.
The proposal begins with the basics of making architecture, the wall. The wall means public and private, it´s dynamism, change, and comfort and helps people to live IN.
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