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HFC - 1113
Poznan University of Technology / pl Poland
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Wojciech Swarowski

The proposed project was an experimental way from the past to the present by the future. I tried to create a simulation of the some prediction and illustrate how could the computer and the Internet influence us.

My statement was that old reality could be replicated and changed to virtual life. The world without any disease and death. People become who they want. And share the memory, the experiences and feelings. Anyone could be anywhere. But anyone need money. Value of the money will not change. If you have money, you might be anyone in new reality. If not you will be homeless. Virtual life is the biggest market on the Earth.

As you see, this improved reality would have the same problems (such as overpopulation or homeless). I used the architecture to solve them.

The main idea was to make use of the spam. More than 80% of the world's email traffic is now spam and the transmission and receipt of unwanted email gobbles up 33bn kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. Therefore, I tried to change the pejorative nature of spam in something good like a building's material.

Then, I noticed the opportunity to build the city ‘between city’. I created the spam-network in which I put non-profit structure for all of the people.

The design concept shaped the final project. I transformed the future structure to the single unit, which could be build nowadays. The product is made by wooden and steel scraps, covered with polyester's-, polyethylene-layers and attached by carbon sleeve to the existing buildings.

The unit creates the new environment. It could fill the gaps or even create a new city. Visitors, homeless, or just students could rent the single structure and use it as a shelter for couple days. Perhaps, the proposal architecture-structure responds even to the problem of the nomadism.

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