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HFC - 1144
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco / br Brazil
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Marília Chaves

The Re-Hab houses are a solution for a way of living in the water, in stilt houses. Made with recycled plastic, the residencial unities are auto-sustaintable, working with solar energy, and are a cheap way of building: $ 200,00 per square meter. They were designed for a stilt- house- slum situated on the margins of Capibaribe River, on the city of Recife, PE, in Northeast of Brasil. This project is a counterproposal to some interventions made by governments to give new homes to poor populations that lives in these stilt houses, so common in Recife. Many of the interventions take this people away from the river and so they take also their way of subsistance and historical way of living. In this city, people don't believe that is possible to have a dignified life living above the water. This project is a decision to confront this beliefs, to show that is possible intervene in communities without changing the essence of the way of living.

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