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HFC - 1149
es Spain
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David  Rubio Tintoré
Cristina Gil
Gil Foix

Our project is located in Guatemala City.
According with local materials and culture, our project consists of creating a house where people can improve their lives.
The project consists of creating a house whose main material is bamboo. It is a small building. The program consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The house is built entirely by bamboo. It is separated of the ground to avoid the humidity, a system of windows allows cross ventilations and in the roof there is an air chamber. These elements allow creating the climatic conditions necessary to live. We have also designed a bigger house with the same idea.
One of the urban problems that we observe in a slum is that they are crowded and there are no spaces to relax. In our project, the house has a small garden which allows that this situation does not occur. This and a correct urban plan improve the slum’s conditions.

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