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HFC - 1160
University of Illinois / us United States
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Christian Pepper
Kelly Tang

For this project we wanted to consider a few key factors when designing. The first of these is that the design should be viable to the region. The design of the house is very traditional in its form, but it is also extremely practical. The form of the gallery space in front of the house is something that is integral to the social engagements between peoples of the community. Keeping with traditional forms helps to give the project acceptance among the local communities. Secondly, it was important that the project be economically plausible. At a 1000 US dollar entry level price, the base house is extremely affordable. In addition, modular additions can be attached to the house. This allows for the house to expand with each individual families needs and desires. Essentially, what is being provided is a blank canvas that can be painted both literally and figuratively. The inspiration for the house design is derived from the Kay house. For the exterior, foam panels lined with a plastered veneer will be used for the facade, providing an efficient assembly and installation. The concrete frame is constructed using CMU blocks to build up columns at each corner, which are tied together with a cast-in-place beam system. The roof material is corrugated metal, insulated with straw to prevent the roof from overheating. The decisions for the materials were based on functionality and price to ensure an affordable, yet comfortable living experience.

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