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HFC - 1231
Dar Al-Hekma College / sa Saudi Arabia
2 members
Aya Zahran
Mai Bakheet

Creating affordable housing units that is flexible for growing families, which is integrated in an empty site that has organized spaces. The founded buildings in the slum has a haphazard form of heights that resulted from expanding vertically without considering structure or form. So, the idea is to organize the form of the proposed units in terms of heights and use roofs as an extension to the ground that could be used as recreational spaces. Also, the units can be expanded in an organized way, by leaving columns and beams without a wall that can be used as shading space if user added fabric on it, and when the user needs to expand filling it with bricks would provide more space for the unit. Moreover, units has flexible walls that spaces can open on each other whenever.
Also, solving the issue of overpopulated residents would be by organizing public spaces for children, women, and men in the site.

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