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HFC - 1283
Dar al Hekma College / sa Saudi Arabia
2 members
Lara AlKhouli
Yara Sobhi

This proposal aims to create and provide affordable, compact and universally designed houses for the dwellers of the University district slum in Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This project will act as a pilot for affordable housing with the mission of providing an environment where disability is integrated within the society. Our goals are to make the movement and daily life of the disabled users easier and safer and allow the remaining household members to carry on with their everyday activities without being constantly concerned about how
the disabled member is navigating in the close by surroundings.
The design forms a clustered organization inspired from the organization of the slums themselves. Seventeen compact units were fit together like a puzzle to generate 2 buildings consisting of 32 units of various sizes, capacity and special needs considerations in order to meet the needs of the tenants. The compact size yet large number of units and the local materials used are what contribute in making this project affordable as supported by the business plan.

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