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HFC - 1303
Department of Architecture, University of Florence / it Italy
5 members
Michele  Verdi
Camilla Iaquone
Gianluca Falaschi
francesca tafi
Mattia Gennari

The project is located in Serrinha, one of the favelas of Florianopolis, a rich city on the Atlantic coast to the south of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The IBGE, the national statistical institute, conducted a survey among Brazilian citizens which showed that << the peoples main demand is the provision of infrastructure and services, not so much a new dwelling >> and it is precisely for this reason that we felt that the best option was to hypothesis a co-operation between the public and private sectors. The collaboration between the public and the private sectors results in a first public participation to provide a secure and connected infrastructure and a second private one in which the users, according to their needs, lease the necessary number of cells, taking care to pat them and develop the systems. This investment can be recovered by a fee of minimum lease that the private sector pays for a certain period, after which also the infrastructure will become property of individual users. The basic unit is a skeleton infrastructure of 3 modules by 4, with a central court, comprising of floors, connections to plant and public utility networks, in which independent cells housing can be created by private individuals. Once a certain number of modules have been rented, the user proceeds to their buffering, which occurs through the combination of modular panels to answer to needs of flexibility and expandability. The production of these panels triggers an internal economy from which the company can draw benefit.

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