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HFC - 1324
University of Lagos, Nigeria / ng Nigeria
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Ann Agbaneje
Oluwadamilola Itabiyi

The proposal is for housing for the people of Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria. It is an urban slum where the major occupation is fishing and timber curing. Currently filled with shanties, buildings made of wood and aluminium roofing sheet. This location has been a concern for the Lagos state government as it sits in a prime location, at the point where the mainland meets the Lagos island. There is currently a proposal by the NLE architects to build floating houses and floating community facilities on the water. One has been built, a floating school. This site was picked because of its growing interest and because the land region of Makoko cannot remain a slum as it would be the access to the water from land and is a major view especially from the third mainland bridge.
The building proposal is to be a means of urban redevelopment where the occupants with local contribution can come together and redevelop their places of dwelling. The proposal takes into consideration possible cases of flooding, rain and waste water storage and solar energy. Materials used for the building can be locally obtained and the design principle behind it is from traditional Nigerian architecture.

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