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HFC1334-Change The Perception

HFC - 1334
tw Taiwan, Province of China
3 members
Ting-Chi Wang
Yan Jhih Wu
Che Ho Chang

To create a safe place for pedestrians we raise up the building on columns, so that the original crowded roadside market activity can all move to the large ground floor area. There is more space for the market, also a place to rest, gather and space to meet elderly population to get together to chat, play chess…We believe that this place will create an active community life.

At the section diagram we can see that the system is very porous.
There are many gabs between the units that provide a good ventilation and lighting conditions.

We use the typology of the common illegal additional buildings in Taiwan.
But when we use different materials and put it to our organized system it becomes a “safe nest” that provides also a large area for outdoor activities,
green space, makes more sunlight to enter, takes away moisture and reduces internal hot.

We take into account also the elderly residents. For them and those with reduced mobility we design ramps so they can access all floors. The place will provide also many rest areas. The market place is different from the previously crowded and dark narrow street. Now it becomes brighter, breathable and more open and safe place.

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HFC1334-Change The Perception
Third prize