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HFC - 1397
Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil / ec Ecuador
5 members
Rosero Juan
Alvaro Macías
Andrea Grunauer
Andrea Menéndez
Cynthia Frasquero

FLOATING PLATFORM: The Trinitaria island is populated by precarious stilt houses that respond in a basic form the problem of constant flooding by the rise and fall of the tide. The constructive and floating anchoring system we propose tries to solve the flooding problem without removing the identity of homes on the water that has this island. The flotation system follows the typology of a dock platform with steel frame with corrosion protection and 25-gallon plastic tanks sealed with air. This platform is anchored to the shore by a bridge that also serves as the main access to the house, which is attached by fixed vertical joints that allow the rise and fall depending on the tide level.

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