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HFC1425- Ramlet Boulaq

HFC - 1425
Savannah College of Art and Design / us United States
3 members
Joanna Rejebian
Ni Haiguang
Nada Afifi

Ramlet Boulaq, an informal settlement in Egypt's capital city, is an extremely dense urban pocket sitting in high contrast with its immediate urban context. The lack of a sufficient water supply coming into the slum proved the most pressing and complex issue to address. The Nile City Towers provide an opportunity for an exchange of water, bringing about the possibility of establishing the relationship between the towers and the slums. What if the Nile City Towers directly sourced their grey water into the slums where it would be filtered for non-potable uses? The storage of the water would anchor the reconfiguration of the housing into a courtyard typology- allowing various degrees of social interaction. Through this initial relationship, the existing barrier can start to be torn down between the tower and the slum and provide an opportunity for a place that would highlight the culture and the people of Ramlet Boulaq.

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