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HFC - 1429
art and architecture departemant of yazd uneversity / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
4 members
Mehdi Nourani
abbas kadivar
ahmad mirahmadi
alireza tavakoli

Lack of dwelling in Iran in urban area mainly has appeared as informal residence and is expanding. Hassan Abad district of Yazd is one of the confirmation of informal settlements and its residents face with variety of problems under the name of low housing and bad housing. In this project, we contemplate to regulate limited part of this district using available potential in site and cultural perception and economic ability and design an optimum and efficient dwelling to put cheap and extension pattern to settlement.
Selection reason: humanity necessitates that we pay attention to our human kind in any circumstances and try to solve their difficulties. Architects also have important task as designer to doing of livable places for people because they build life environment and people`s environment. Disturbance that exists in this district in urban designing, housing designing, construction ways and cultural problems caused us to organize this deteriorated situation by investigation and offer a stable pattern to the extent that is possible.
Architectural ideas have been made on main influential aspects of design (culture and society, economic and construction and sustainability technologies) by detection of present problems ,Values, goals, facts, need , ideas and attempt to solve them.