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yazd university / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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nooshfar Ghoreishi
roya rahimi

Explain your proposal when the professor ( Dr Ayatollahi ) proposed " house for change " as a subject to be discussed in class , suddenly came to my mind people who had taken most of my concerns for a year . People living in Ewaz city in Fars (Iran) , people from Afghanistan who escaped from war to find safety and security in my country .
First of all , we set our goals based on four simple questions . The goals are :
 Using all local material
 Low Tech ( With low skill workers )
 low Cost
 Self-Built and Self- improvable
 Replicable
 Build greener
 Based on their culture and how they live
Then we started our design based on 8 value areas that Robert Hershberger defined in his book “ Architectural Programming and Predesign Manager “ . An expanded list of 8 important value areas is – Human , Environmental , Cultural , Technological , Temporal , Economic , Aesthetic , and Safety ( HECTTEAS ) .
The initial design is to utilize basic material that they are typically available and most of them are free . The house would be build by earth bag system .It should be build by recycled and local materials ( such as recycled bottle , palm foliage , recycled plastic bag and clay) . To decrease maintenance costs we used trombe wall , natural ventilation , evaporative cooling and etc .
So we reach 685$ for total cost of construction that is extremely low cost.

We hope that we can make their dreams come true…

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