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Fotini Fotopoulou
eva ntafa

This project has three scales, urban planning, architectural planning and construction details. Studying slums led us to include a workspace in our house unit. This, during the working process, revealed multiple benefits for the house unit and the city block. A workspace, in this case a small shop, needs to be located in a crowded area so it will be accessible. It also needs an open space so it can expend. This helped organizing the front of the city block but also caused a space network of backyards which leads to an interior park. House as a link between these two areas has many transitional spaces. There is a succession of spaces, from the road to the sidewalk, to the alley to the entrance of the house. Living room can be united with the backyard when an extra open space is required and separated by it when it functions as a private zone. Since the ground level became a public zone to accommodate the shop, the floor level had to be a private zone where family can decide the succession of spaces, the number of rooms, visual contact or isolation. This led to two different structures, one district and unchangeable on the ground and one lighter and renewable on the floor level, which led to two different materials and two different construction techniques.

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