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The neighborhood of Barrio San Agustin del Sur is located directly south of Caracas’ financial and art centers. However there is a vast disconnect despite the close proximity. Most of the community is built on city-owned-land that has been illegally squatted on. With the growth of the community, the formal part of the city has turned a blind eye to these barrios that surround Caracas.

Sadly, safety, health and other immediate needs that should come first fall secondary. It is in human nature to first focus on providing the essential physiological needs such as food, water and shelter.

It is fundamental to invest in the people. By employing local practices in construction and sociological structures, this project seeks to supplement the already existing ingenuity within the community. Combining the ingenuity with the culture is key. In this housing diagram below, one sees how existing buildings are often constructed. Circulation is adapted to the way in which a house grows as floors are added on top of each other. With the presence of anywhere between 4-8 people living in a house approximately 1,200 square feet, shows how the value of family is important.
This project provides a basis for three phasing guides.

The FIRST PHASE focuses on immediate street issues. By suggesting the improvement of roads ie; paving, retaining walls and lighting which will increase safety of the area. Along with the roads, safety “checkpoint” areas are to be carried out. The “plaza”, is an open space that will provide this checkpoint area that creates a new relationship between private spaces and the street.

PHASE TWO involves the community rehabilitating empty spaces or unused buildings. The idea of the “Nido” or Nest, aims to provide another checkpoint area and community center. Here a cultural background identity can flourish as people come to use the garden, perhaps create a mercal or come to view a football game together.

PHASE THREE helps to provide a premise for future housing. Taking into account how existing homes are constructed, these cluster homes can be easily constructed with already available materials. Theses include, terracotta bricks, concrete, pvc piping et. Organization is the underlying tone for the purpose of these houses along with continuing the sense of family, community, safety and culture.

It is this projects best intention to help guide the growth of choice, create a connection between city and barrio and the encouragement for future betterment of the community.

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