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HFC - 1464
ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Mohammad Ebrahim Tajik
Armita Armand
mona afrough

The project aimed at city & its hour by hour development. In this project expanion of the modern city and according by swallowing various spaces including shanty towns is taken into consideration. One of the most important aiming of the project is creating suitable and quality spaces specially in these slum living areas in such away that even these inhabitants can have a reasonable life far from usual difficulties that are connected with these areas while at the same time reduce & eliminate problems that these shanty town create for cities. A city seen as influencing ambient with various activities is the bearer of change big and small which has enormous influence on poorer layers of the society. A one sided and single aim view to the project gives only result in a regional solution that would be limited to special conditions for that specific area & has little bearing on other region & areas therefore in this project aimed to find a comprehensive & general solution. In this study we view these spaces suspended in expanding cities areas and distracts that as the city expands have the capability of being moved or change its function and ambient. Most of these areas are considered as crime breathing places at nights & threaten the society of these shanty towns, for that reason we consider LIGHT as the last element to bring back security in these areas through which we can increase inhabitants visibility at nights considerably at the same time have closer control over these unsafe & crime breathing areas by increasing our control over these areas we can see a drastic reduction in crime figures at the same areas.

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