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HFC - 1505
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Konstantina Alexandropoulou
lefteris kapsalas
Ioanna Nika

Our house for change is all about an installation, which settles on stone walls and shapes according to the existing empty space and form of the shell. To be more accurate, parasites consist of a grid, which is able to be “transformed” into a house. It creates a cocoon that protects the person who parasites. The wall vacuums are filled with human life and get transformed according to the need of each parasite user.
Our solution ensures a living room space, a sleeping space, a cooking area, WC and a storage area. The “parasite” could house 1-4 people, giving them the chance to build their emergency house all alone, as they wish. The above is possible because the grid can be created from metal rods of 9cm, which is a very affordable material. Thanks to the “smart junction”, the way that junctions of the metal rods are joined, we provide the capability to the rods to be joined in any possible way and direction, this way ensuring a variety in height and length, making the space flexible in any case of parasiting. Such junctions are very easy to construct but they can also be easily reversed. Thus, each user could add or lessen the square meters of the house due to the arrival of another family member or just because he needs more storage area at that time.
To sum up, all those interested, have to do is to get the metal rods and get started on constructing their “home”, all alone or with the support of their neighbors. Our proposal is a low budget solution, which is based on the individual care of the person in need. We strongly believe that if a person builds his own house, the task alone will make him more of an optimist because he can be reminded that he has the ability to create a home by himself and therefore he is a strong and useful member of the society.

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