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HFC - 1524
Wrocław University of Technology / pl Poland
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Patrycja Michera

“Straw revolution” project is located in Wrocław (Poland), in the Nadodrze district, which was largely destroyed during the Second World War and left with many empty spaces throughout the whole neighbourhood.The main idea of the proposal is to fill the gaps in the urban environment with social housings and support services in order to generate a system of healing for the members of lthe local community as well as for the whole neighbourhood. Future inhabitants are encouraged to take part in the building process to integrate in common goal and to identificate with the site. Self-building their homes using low-tech techniques and natural materials can be a part of
a therapy, because straw and earth are one of the most enjoyable and healthy materials. They also fulfill the need for flexibility in social housing and give inhabitants
a freedom to create the space of living according to their needs.“Straw revolution” is an opportunity to help poor and socially underprivileged and a trigger to recreate
the atmoshpere of former downtown by giving a fresh architectural image to the whole district.

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