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HFC - 1541
Islamic Azad University, BandarAbbas Branch / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
2 members
Arash Abbaszadeh
Reza Ghafouri

Bandar Abbas is located south of Iran and is known as the center of business in the country. “Chahestaniha” area is considered a suburb neighborhood in the north of Bandar Abbas whose citizens have migrated from their villages to here. This area has now become a part of the city, but has poor urban facilities. This area is our preferred site in order to participate in the competition. In investigating of this area, we tried to consider all of the positive and negative features. In next step, we considered the facilities and potentials outside the site and in Bandar Abbass city in order to use those facilities in the site.

The main goals of this project are:
- The life quality of the citizens in this area should Increased
- The methods of application should be simple and able to be taught
- Use inexpensive and accessible materials
- Residents cooperation should be the main power of the project

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