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Si Jia Ng
Vivek Vijayan

The “Kumbharwads” are a Gujarati potter community that came to Bombay (now Mumbai), India in the late 1800's. The community has been in existence as long as Dharavi, the slum area (one of the largest in Asia) within which it resides. However unlike other parts of Dharavi that have businesses that are flourishing, the potters of Kumbharwad have been gradually faltering in their trade due to the lack of demand for pots and pot makers. In this area, we see an opportunity to revive their means of living by supplementing it with a system of micro farming for self sustenance and commercial produce in which it's adjacency to the Rail tracks has a huge part to play. This change however is not sudden and is brought about by a step by step Architectural/ Systemic intervention that starts with the building of an institutional structure; an Agricultural center that will educate the slum dwellers about micro farming and literally provide them with the seeds of growth. This is then considered as a model of growth for similar slum areas adjacent the local rail lines of Mumbai. It is the Revival (t)Rail.

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