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HFC - 1550
South China University of Technology / cn China
5 members
King Chun Tsang
Chengxin Zhang
zhijun chen
liang yi
lin yang

Explain your proposalTri-hexagon type housing is our main design frame in order to treat with the problems that we have found at our target site, ie. Tondo, Manila, Philippines. The tri-hexagon type housing provide a strengthen structure that can against typhoon weather which usually found from July to October at Manila every year and damage the slum dwelling and dweller’s life. Three hexagons or even more which connected together can strengthen the whole structure, when typhoon weather attacked, this can make sure the dwelling will not be affected.

On the other hand, the proposed dwelling provided flexibility for the dweller to develop the family , they can continue to build the house vertically up to 2 storey. This limitation aims to control the overall building bulk, as natural ventilation and lighting are important thing to the dweller, higher of the building, lower of the living standard. Although the buildings have been limited in 2 storey, it can carry up to 8 people in tri-hexagon housing.

In term of internal space, tri-hexagon also provided flexibility for the dwellers to develop their families, they can separate the house to fit the life style easily.

Finally, the proposed tri-hexagon housing is connected together, that means different family can share the partition and structure in order to save money and strengthen the house.

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