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HFC - 1581
Universidad Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil / ec Ecuador
2 members
Diego  Solano
Iván Zúñiga

Our urban proposal resides on the densification of houses that’s a really an option not applied yet to any of this areas. The scale that we want to achieve needs to respond to their old houses so as it’s a housing module that starts first with 3 houses and a green area (vegetable garden to plant their own veggies) for community, it can continuously growth up to 2 more floors and also rotate but always keeping the 3 houses and the green space. Our second target is to “sell/rent” a house or an apartment for some of them , that means that if the housing module reaches his third level with an amount of 9 or reaches the second level with an amount of 6 houses this modules could be sell or rent for some of the families depending on their possibilities, this will create a new sense of appropriation of the space and the family that owns the house vs. the family that is renting one will both take care of their housing complex and most important the owner will lead this activity of “taking care of their property” in a sense it could work as an appropriation phenomenon so it will be the community once again working together.