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Bandung is the biggest metropolitan city in West Java and the capital of the province. High population density, vast human features in compassion to the era surrounding it, and fast growth. Many multi culture Urban resident who work hard for live, uphold practicality, because of time constraints, they tend to be less socialize with families because of the tight time spent on work. Increased stress due to the lack of warmth with our fellow beings. In the future, around 2030, urbanization will increase to 60%. population density increased dramatically, the need for housing will increase dramatically as well. The current state of many houses that are not habitable. Because of the limited land available. The purposed location is located in General Sudirman Street, one of the business centers and residential in Bandung city.

Back to the Root, Sustainable – Low cost Independent Housing.
Speeds of the growth of the urban area, focusing on the minimalist all-round shape of the building with bricks, blind us to look back, the history of architecture in western Java shape formed by the ancestors of experience in dealing with natural conditions in western Java. With high rainfall, strong wind gusts. The solution is tapered roof. Houses stage that facilitates air circulation into the building, reducing the use of air conditioning in the summer time. Small gardens, as the supply of food and also as a form of respect for nature, and of course ourselves as well. Urban communities that tend to stress due to the amount of work, with a small garden near his house will give good impact, both mentally and physically. Material selection, based on the trend of lower prices, but the quality is not inferior to the expensive.

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