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HFC - 1590
Bialystok Technical University / pl Poland
3 members
Aleksandra Anna Bartoszuk
Daria Dybciak
Ewa Jurgielewicz

Hey, slums owners! Haven't you dreamed of perfect house? One that will not only be a shelter, but also a place which makes you feel pleased and calm, joyful and even full of love...
Sure, it sounds impossible.
But we can make it work!
We are glad to present an ideal home. Your number one in contemporary high-class slum housing.

The main goal of our project was to invent temporary modular housing units for the poorest in Manila City slums in Philippines.
The secondary aim was to design such housing system, that could be also adjusted to any other slum district in the warm climate zones.
For this case, the very detailed sewage and roads system project was omitted in our work.

The ideal Slum Home is the first project in history which can handle floods. As a result of increasing sea level caused by heavy tropical rainfalls, houses are endangered with floods nowadays. But it will not be a problem anymore! We have a solution – floating unsinkable housing units!

SLUM construction is so easy that you can do it all by yourself. All needed materials are easily obtained in nearest neighborhood (bamboo from local fields, textiles weaved by local women, rope and waterproof covers on the roofs).
This refers to the housing units only, whilst any large-scale infrastructural urban elements are supposed to be constructed, managed and leased by external commercial firms. The reason is that this system of financing is the most effective in large-scale investments.

The inspiration was the first archetype of home – a tent. Or a marquee.
The SLUM unit was meant to refer to the tradition with its materials. SLUM waterproof cover patterns refer to the traditional Philippine gowns. Even if underfund, you still can aspire to live in your small paradise. Imagine a romantic night in an ultramarine marquee...

What about its size? The ideal SLUM home is perfect for numerous multi-generation Philippine families. Its framework is modular and can be easily enlarged by adding new units or next floor.

Our proposal also provides place for social meetings (situated on ground level) where you can sell goods or use toilets. On higher floor there is a common space designed for cooking, eating, entertainment and spending time with friends

In our project we used eco-rainwater system, which allows gathering rainwater by the bamboo gutters, which is later on filtrated and congregated in a kitchen water tank. After it’s full, water flows into a big water tank which collects water for a dry season. We also used natural ventilation assured by the tent’s curtains.

SLUM can be build in any part of the world. It is very flexible when it comes to materials because you can for example replace bamboo with steal, wood or concrete to adjust it to local environment. It fits literally everywhere that is what makes it special.
The Ideal Slum Home is really ideal, isn’t it? With our project you can be the change you want to see in the world!

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