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Universidade Braz Cubas / br Brazil
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Ronaldo Amaro Oliveira

It is evident when the population suffers from the natural disasters in the moments of our history, the individuals homeless are sent to the nearest publics equipments or for shelter. This is the destiny of the most and after that, they need to pay for rents or needs to recall to their family. The situation is more aggravate when an earth slide happens and the citizens without options require building their new houses in locations close to their antique houses.
The proposed area for the house’s implantation is situated in the Jundiapeba District, from XXX km to São Paulo, Brazil. It has many different kinds of levels of education, basic health units, social assistance center, the busy local trade stores of different sizes, besides being served by a train station and a public transport system, in other words, we think that this place could receive the residential units.
With the proposal to promote the temporary care of people and families who are homeless for different reasons, losing not only their belongings, but also their homes, their first places of living. The main guideline of the project is in a construction that can be more optimized in partnership with the government, private and organizations of civil society (volunteers).
Understanding that these situations cause suffering in many aspects, mainly psychological and it is necessary receive this people, providing minimally a space that they can re-establish and try to restart their lives. During the execution stages, we suggest the residents may have autonomy in choosing their temporary homes.
The project’s ideas consists in accommodate the families with pre-set modules and would be available as the number of residents, thus, it seeks to meet certain existing individuality/necessity. The temporary houses are formed by a module that we call “Water Castle” where is the water tank, a bathroom and beside a kitchen, the other module is the living room and the third module is the bedroom. The last one was project to serve a couple or up to four people.

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