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HFC - 1620
tt Trinidad and Tobago
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Asha Pooran

A mixed-use dense housing strategy for King's Wharf, San-Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies.
The building proposal can be broken down into two main parts. The first part is the base building which comprises the structure, services [stairs, lift, and utility space such as communal laundry areas for each floor]. The second part comprises the living and ground floor commercial units. Commercial units would be basic modules to be fitted out by tenants. Incorporating commercial units on the ground floor of the proposal will help integrate the building into a larger scheme with the public. The residential units occupy the floors above. The residential units vary in size, but are put together using a few standard components. They all follow the concept of providing two different spaces: a space that is immediately inhabitable (with open plan kitchen and living space, a bathroom, and a space for sleeping) and another unfinished space which families will expand into, build up an customize as time progresses. The concept for the proposal is greatly influenced by looking into the work of Chilean architect, Alejandro Aravena. It is believed that this idea would be suitable for Trinidad. Building in stages already a common form of construction for many families not in a financial position to build a complete house all at once.

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