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HFC - 1637
INJE university / kr Korea, Republic of
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inje han
JaeHyun Nam
kwonyoung boo

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Baeksa village still keeps the scenes of ‘Seoul, 40 years ago’, exactly it had been. Residents are poor and they live in obsolete housings. They survive cold winter days relying on coal briquette.

1. Coal briquette is very important in this village. We plan an 'earth-bag house', which would be built by bags filled with coal briquette ash and soil. The bags will control humidity. They will block the heat of summer and the cold wind in winter. Residents can save heating and cooling cost.
2. There are many empty houses without residents. We will make flexible public places there for the village residents. We will have the houses on high slope at south and east receive sunlight. The empty houses will have 2nd floor to north and west.
3. We will introduce ‘ondol’, a traditional heating system in Korea, which will be fired by coal briquette.

We are going to give housings for the poor residents of Baeksa village so that they can spend a warm winter.

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