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HFC - 1640
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro / br Brazil
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Isabella Costa

The proposal is to recreate the way of thinking social housing today in Brasil. Through studies and analyzes made of the favela of Rio das Pedras, problems and potentials were identified. The idea is simple, to reinforce the potentials and solve the problems.
The project consists of 3 scales:
- The scale of the city that encompasses the entire community, its surroundings and the river borders.
1) In this scale, it is mainly the identification of wetlands and studies of all dimensions of the river, leaving room for it to develop, avoiding flooding the whole region. Understand that it is a natural process of the river, a holistic view and incorporate solutions to soften the impact, protecting the favela houses in risk. Along with a plan to clean up the river through green infrastructure (filtrating plants) and predict future uses for these structures.
2) Assume the existence of the favela and integrate it effectively in the city, not be treated as the antigen, but with potential constructive and identity in the city.
- The scale of the urban terrain, its immediate surroundings and the chosen part of the river.
1) Think how to arrange the buildings prioritizing the use of pedestrian and mixed use. Reinforce the potentials previously identified in the analyses, as use share on the street , valorization of individuality through a collective context (different facades even with the same structure model) , engagement in the construction and expansion of new constructions by the favela dwellers themselves.
2) The expression of individuality (seen by the fasades, example) keeping the notion of collectivity.
3) Increase the green spaces to soften the impact of the summer days. In favela, the lack of free spaces result in the appropriation of the street as leisure space. Incorporate this concept in the project.
4) Restore river - community and community – river identity. The river is not anymore seen as the source of all the ills of the community because it floods when it rains and not as open sewers , but as a structuring element that lives and needs to be preserved.
- The scale of multifamily residence
The idea is to provide opportunities for higher qualities, increasing the possibility of constructions and architectural solutions according to the needs and desires of each family.
Not fix the square footage of the houses, which often do not meet the size of the family, but leave that extendable and negotiable. The social houses in Brasil are set by the government of 35m2 and 42m2 (the last in special occasions) regardless of the number of members within the family.
So, the project proposal is that, at first the residences have 22m2-31m2, but could be expanded to at least 55m2, the layout allows residents, negotiations and if they sell part of their home, the increase is even bigger.
The electrical and sanitary facilities are included and are fixed. The main facade is provided. This way it is possible to have bigger spaces depending on the family, they can choose and a customized space. There are four options for façade and various coating (also increases in the case of private donations).
The interesting topic is that the environment is still collective and shared. The expansion with time, adds private spaces that can be negotiated. Hence streets suffer at certain moments extensions changing the position of the buildings to expand the public domain, here also there is collective extensions at corridors buildings, where appropriations for leisure, BBQ and events are welcome.

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