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HFC - 1686
Huaqiao University,China / cn China
3 members
Junqin Lian
Chunyu Dong
Huan Liu

This proposal is trying to build an underground building which
connected with the Aberdeen Tunnel , people can access to the
building through the tunnel. The curtain wall in the court is
designed according to the changes of the solar elevation angle
and will reflect the light to the button of the building. The light
pipe also brings light to these place where the sunlight cannot be
reflected to. The button of the building is a parking lot and a
park. The vegetarians in the park absorb the polluted gas and
distribute the fresh air. This building is a complex one that
contains commercial and public area , as well as living area which
located on the top of the building.

We arrange the vertical distance of every 10 meters as a plot and
duplicate them upward. Each vertical plot has its light pipes,
which can guide the light into the building underground. The
houses around the light pipes consist of residential units, those
have six different modes and could be quickly prefabricate by
factories. The residents can freely combine the units by different
ways according to different habits and residential needs.
Meanwhile, the characteristics of low cost, quick delivery, fast and
batch production can perfectly meet the needs of low-income
groups as well as rapidly alleviate the housing shortage in Hong

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