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House in Trafaria

HFC - 1299
Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa & Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa Faculdade de Arquitectura e Artes / pt Portugal
2 members
João Teixeira
Ana Vazquez

By using the image of the house designed by HOUSES FOR CHANGE, the next step was to attach another module whit the same characteristics so that it could finally consolidate the idea and then accommodate as many people as possible.
Therefore, the structure designed for the site, required, in this case, four units of the house shown in the illustration above, linked toghether by the structure.
However, depending on the economic possibilities and chacarteristics of any other territory, there was also a concern in making these modules designed to act uniquely, opening the possibility of building these same structures in a land whose extent could countain few or even more units.
The overall structure of each module is purely orthogonal, creating simple square shape spaces.
Each module will have a space for housing two families, and the program contains two kitchenette, one individual bathroom for each fraction and four bedrooms (two double and two with bunk beds), and a common ecologic garden for each module.
This proposal knows that its a hard task to radically change the whole urban area of the neighborhood, however the implemation of a structure at the East end of this site might open a way for a start of a new URBAN INFLUENCE in Bairro do Segundo Torrão.

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