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modular housing

HFC - 1376
Vladimir State University / ru Russian Federation
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Evgenia Lukianova

This project is a modular housing for victims of natural disasters, which is composed variably provides physical and psychological needs of the person for a period of rehabilitation after a stressful situation . Novelty of the project is to use the universal module based design which hexagon. This feature saves space and increases the number of variations by combining several modules . The project involves the application of a set of identical modules that are arranged variably . The upper part of the module - pyramidal shape , divided into two parts : a window and a place for the solar cell . This window allows more natural light. Solar cells are arranged so that they do not need to be rotated to follow the sun . Chamfered corners at the bottom of the house allow management of communications systems on earth. Collapsible design for space comes in the form of individual modules and metal frame . First, set the frame on which are mounted panel. For the installation does not require special equipment, large numbers of workers . Supposed to use special lightweight panels coated conformal means , so installation is possible in any weather. In use as a thermal insulator mineral wool . The internal layout of the housing is divided into five major functional areas. All furniture essentials, multifunctional and foldable . All communications pipe hot and cold water , sewer hidden behind walls. Residents of the house in the water collection system partially satisfy raindrops . House is equipped with storage and purification of water for reuse. Additional lighting in the house - efficient LED lights. Inside is a touch screen to control resources at home. Live in such a house can be quite a long time from one week to six months. On the outside and bright graphics applied to victims could be seen from afar. Selected orange and green colors . Green - the color of nature , naturalness. It soothes , evokes a feeling of harmony and hope. Orange - invigorating. Associated with warmth and comfort.

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