Computer Vision & Freeform Construction

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10 January, 2013
Computer Vision & Freeform Construction
Computer Vision & Freeform Construction

Julián García and Roberto Molinos lead a workshop at the International Congress SmartGeometry

Teachers at the IE School of Architecture and Design, Julian Garcia and Roberto Molinos, will lead a workshop named “Computer Vision & Freeform Construction” within the SmartGeometry Congress, which will take place this year in Bartlett / London. This event is an annual event for architects and engineers with interests in the field of computational design and includes three days of workshops and two of conferences. The workshop is about timbrel vaults built under the guidance of webcams.

Computer Vision & Freeform Construction

Computer Vision and Freeform Construction will explore the disruptive capabilities of computer vision techniques in the field of complex-shape thin-vault realization.

The proposed cluster seeks to explore and demonstrate practical use of off-the-shelf hardware and robust computer vision algorithms in the realm of free-form masonry construction.

Our proposal builds upon the renewed interest on tile vaults and their singular features to withstand complex freeform shapes that modern analysis techniques have made feasible. Tile vault particular construction process requires, in essence, no formwork at all, but a guidance mechanism has to be provided, even in the simplest arrangement. Laying out a freeform surface often requires an even more complicated guiding set up that deals not only with the intrinsic complexity of the shape but also with the always uncertain boundary conditions we find in pre-existing buildings.

The cluster will use inexpensive, commercial devices like webcams, smartphones and Kinect sensors together with free and open-source libraries to execute several tests of collaboratively designed vaults. It will focus on understanding the basics of masonry structure stability and computer vision fundamentals, then deploying a workflow that includes parametric modeling, construction planning and physical layout of the vault.

Information on the workshop is available here.

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