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23 September, 2013
ie master in work space design
ie master in work space design

As winner of the Houses for Change competition you will be granted with a scholarship equivalent of 20.000 € applicable towards the tuition fees of the following Master programs at IE:

- Master in Architectural Management and Design
- Master in Architectural Design
- Master in Workspace Design
- Master in Corporate Communication
- Master in Market Research and Consumer Behaviour
- Master in International Relations
- International LLM
- Master in Management
- International MBA
- Global MBA
- Master in Finance
- Master in Advanced Finance

Learn more about the MASTER IN WORKSPACE DESIGN:

“For professionals involved in the design processes of innovative work environments”



The IE Master in Work Space Design in collaboration with the Royal College of Arts in London is a post graduate course that addresses the implications of change in our contemporary work place. The program seeks to provide an innovative understanding of the relationship between organizational culture and architectural concerns; paying special attention to the interior design of the work environment and its relation with branding, effectiveness and social responsibility.

The MWSD will give students access to an intimate conversation with the most pioneering architects and firms in work space design through its Revolution at Work Lecture series. Guest lecturers include:ROGERS STIRK HARBOUR + PARTNERS,OMA,UN STUDIO, SEVIL PEACH ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, GENSLER, PENTAGRAM, JUMP STUDIOS, STUDIOS ARCHITECTURE, STUDIO TILT, ARUP or HAWORTH.

The program has a hands-on blended program, thus, allowing you to meet your professional obligations thanks to the combination of onsite periods in Madrid and London and online sessions.The program will start in February 2014.



Be sure to catch our activities of the upcoming weeks:

Join the Free Online Master Class by Studio O + A, the San Francisco-basedpractice that designed the ground-breaking offices of Facebook, AOL or Microsoft in the Silicon Valley, and also check our Serendipity Maker Scholarship, available until the 31st of October 2013.


Title:  The Invisible Workplace:  Design for How We Work (and Think)

Speakers:     Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander. Studio O+A

Introducing:  “The Invisible Workplace:  Design for How We Work (and Think)” as part of The IE Master in Work Design ( online master class series.

Working in the Silicon Valley for over twenty years O+A has experienced many different philosophies in workplace. This course will explore how they have engaged client and environment to create spaces that support the way we work today given the changes in technology and the blurring of work life balance.