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Pallet-Housing System

HFC - 1182
Universidad de Los Andes / co Colombia
3 members
Juan Pablo Castillo
Alejandra Girón arango
alejandro cordoba

   The projection of Housing priority interest arises as resolution for the increasing urbanization of cities, and the specific needs of the population. The projects subject focuses on accequible homes accordingly to economic, cultural, social situations. The tarrget of this system is to cover a large domain, by locating replicated characterers in geographic areas.
   Our analysis was based on the recovery and reinterpretation of wooden pallets, which are items used worldwide in markets, ports and airports for shipping goods. Accordingly we decided to focus on port cities which guaranteed the abundance of pallets because of its great business activity. To reach the final decision we began by a full analysis, focusing our attention in the intertropical zone determined by climatic conditions which, connected to a port city, gives us like result a tropical climate with high humidity and high temperatures at day and night. Finally from the various cities that fulfilled these characteristics we decided to choose Cartagena with annual average temperatures during the day of 31°C and 19.8°C at night, with a humidity of 80.7%.
   The project is located in the neighborhood 11 de Noviembre which is in the southeast of the city. Through an analysis of the blocks that exist in the neighborhood we saw that a lot of these lots were not built. These do not vary much between them, showing a length of 15 meters and a width of 6 meters. Thus was born the idea of ​​proposing an architectural system that would be a surgical intervention in these vacant lots in the neighborhood in question. Due to the width and length of the lot we thought an implementation of a module that was developed linearly to leave a garden next to the building that gives adequate ventilation conditions due to the inclement weather of the chosen location.
   As stated earlier we decided to use wooden pallets because this material is used in every market in the world and is easily affordable and economic. At the beginning of our projectual adventure we thought in retrieve pallets that had ended its lifetime in the markets for re-use in the construction of the project. We quickly realized that this modular element once used for heavy load was in poor condition. Consequently we decided to regenerate the pallet leaving the classic modulation 1x1.20 meters, also giving us the possibility to generate some specific modulations to help us assemble the house. The pallet regenerated ensures we have quality, accuracy in measurements and weather protection due to immunization treatment. Clearly no pallet has the characteristics required to solve the problems of waterproofing and thermal insulation so were gonna coupled the pallets with Tyvec waterproofing, thermal insulation of frescasa and interior finishing of OSB. The structural system consists of a steel profile frame with bolted joints and fiber cement roof sheets with sloped and waterproofing layer.
      Thus gave origin to a system that starts from a basic module to which can be added linearly the different modules.

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